Does He Love You

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  • July 25, 2017
  • How can you tell if a man really loves you? I used to think it was all about great sex, but now I am not so sure. Back then, I was kind of very naïve, but I was young. I had just started to work for a great cheap London escorts agency, and I had sex on the brain. As a 21 year old girl, that is often what you think about, and I was any different. But as I made my way up the London escorts agency ladder, I soon realised that a man can show you that he loves you in different ways.

    Patrick was one of my favourite lovers when I was younger. I will not only remember Patrick for his love of pink champagne, but I will also remember him for being totally great in bed. Nobody could shag like Patrick, and when he did shag your brains out, it did make you feel like you were being loved by him. He used to pick me up after I left London escorts for the day, and we often ended up in bed with each other. Patrick used to say that when he loved a girl, he really liked to satisfy her. That part was very true, and at that time, I was probably the most satisfied girl at London escorts.

    After I moved out from that particular cheap London escorts service, I stopped seeing Patrick and ended up dating a guy called Phil. His mum actually owned the London escorts service that I worked for, and we fell pretty much instantly in love. Philip liked to think that he was a life artist like he said, and enjoyed looking after girls. Yes, he was great in bed, but it was not that easy. Everything was about sensual experience for Phil, and unless your minds met, you did not end up having sex with this guy. But when it all worked out, the experience was really “cosmic”.

    Eventually, Phil and I drifted apart, and his mum’s London escorts agency, merged with another agency.

    Phil left to teach yoga in Thailand, and I ended up dating Andy. We had met on a business date with London escorts, and he asked me out. It was clear that he liked me, and he started to spoil me right away. He would never turn up at my door without a big bunch of flowers, or a small gift. Yes, Andy did love me, but I did not realise how much until I found a diamond ring tied to a rose.

    Today, Andy is still buying me flowers every Friday, but I am not his “cheap London escorts girl” anymore like he says. Instead I am his wife, and although are sex life is still great, we have settled down to be rather a normal family with two kids and a cross breed dog named Charlie. The fact that he buys me flowers every week, tells me that he loves me a lot. I know he is one of the few husbands, who will never forget a birthday or a wedding anniversary. He has also kept the tie he wore on my first date with him. How romantic is that!

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