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  • February 3, 2020
  • It feels like it was only yesterday when I carried her to my chest. It’s unfortunate to see her go. I wanted her to be by my side forever, but I know that it is not possible. If I can stop her from growing up, I would, but I realize that it is a very selfish thing to do. I also do not entirely trust the guy she is getting married. Although he acts very respectful towards me. I still have the feeling that he is not the right man for my child.


    My friends tell me that I am very protective towards my daughter that is why I am acting this way, but I know that it is not the truth. My ex-wife, the mother of my daughter, likes the man who is marrying my daughter very much. His name is Mike. My ex-wife approves of Mike for my daughter very much, and she supports them. I know that I do not have any reason to hate Mike for now, but I am sure that in the future she will only hurt my daughter. And I am always ready to comfort my daughter when that happens.


    All I can do for now is to hope that my that my daughter will be okay with Mike because it is out of my hands now. Even if I do not want them to get married, I believe that I can’t stop their wedding no matter what I do. I am stressed out because my weddings daughter is becoming nearer and nearer. I do think that the moment they get married, it is all over for me. I have no power over my daughter anymore, and it is making me very sad. I feel very old and depressed that is why I booked a Colchester Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/colchester-escorts. I look for Colchester Escorts whenever I have problems like this because Colchester Escorts always shows me that there is still a reason for me to live.


    Thankfully after a year of my daughter’s wedding, I have not heard any issues from my daughter. It seems like I had the wrong of Mike after all. Maybe I should not think negatively all the time it only makes my life shorter. Now that I know my family is in good hands, I can finally be free from worries. I understand that I am already fifty-two years old and the chance of me getting married the second time is very slim. All I can do now is to live my life as much as I could. I think that if I die in the next five to ten years, I would already be satisfied with my life.

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