Our 4-Way With A London Escort

  • finaddix
  • June 6, 2017
  • Last summer two of my mates and I were out on the beach near London, sharing some stories over a few beers. As the evening wore on, we were on the lookout for any attractive ladies that might be coming through our little stretch of beach. No one seemed to be coming by, so I snuck back away from the other two and make a call to a local escort service. It didn’t take long until (for anonymity’s sake let’s call her Mary) to come along and right up to us. While my naïve friends were not aware of this at first, I knew this was the escort that I had called for to show us a night that we’d be talking about for years to come.

    I didn’t exactly think through all the logistics about how it was going to work out with 3 of us guys and this one pretty girl in our company. Even though they still didn’t know she was an escort, it was clear that my other two buddies were catching on that she was willing and wanting to have sex with all of us. It wasn’t long until we were all back in our suite at the nearby hotel that we all shared together to have more “fun money” to spend. It wasn’t until we were in the light of our hotel’s hallway that we all were able to take a step back and admire this blonde bombshell in a plaid skirt and form fitting top.

    As soon as we entered the room, a few formalities were shared before she started getting undressed. While the rest is kind of a blur of nakedness and strange positions. While at first we were all taking turns with our hired help, it wasn’t long before the lines got blurry on whose turn was whose and we were all simultaneously having sex with Mary. Surprisingly enough, she never missed a beat and occupied each one of us, in whatever role (or position) we were currently in.

    While the other two quickly put it together when Mary was leaving (and I was paying her) that she was one of the cheap escorts around the area, no one seemed to have any complaints about that evening either. While it might have seemed like a weird thing to do with your best friends from college, we still talk about that crazy fun night whenever we get together.

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