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  • April 21, 2020
  • Nowadays, social media is being used to express your love with your partner. But recent study claims that posting too much can lead to break up. Never compare your relationship to anyone like when you see couples posting pictures on how happy they are, and you want that your partner did it to you too says Chiswick Escorts from Remember, you never know what’s behind that picture. It’s like people post it so that they won’t be left behind by others. That they should look happy, but it’s not. It’s good to follow your partner on all his/her social media accounts but avoids to be desperately stalker. It causes insecurities like when you see your partner taking a picture with someone, then jealousy arise. Don’t spend too much time on social media like when you feel bored, and you tend to stalk your exes on how they do. And don’t always post your selfies like your boobs are out, you let people see your abs and people start to comment nice things, reacted your photo which tends to hurt your girl or man. Maybe it made them feel small and ugly like she/he is not right for you.


    Always be sensitive to what to posts, think first before you click and consider your love’s feeling. When you’re in a relationship, you pay attention to every like and comment your partner does say Chiswick Escorts. It’s because he/she don’t want you to give compliments to other people aside from her/himself. Always be considerate. Don’t let your ex-have a chance to chat with you, better to stay away from her/him right away. Unfriend or block your ex, make your present feel that you’re totally into them.  When people send you a private message, don’t respond nor delete the convo let your partners see how honest you are with them.


    A little respond is a threat to a relationship. When you spend too much on social media, your partner might wonder what so exciting, so take a break says Chiswick escorts. Enjoy the moment you have with your partner. Always value the time. You know social media have different emoji’s but be extra careful on heart emoji, it’s different. When you react heart emoji with a girl flaunting her body or selfie, be ready with your BF/GF questioning you. They feel that you’re interested in that person. Don’t always update your followers or friends everything about your relationship; some are just waiting for your break up or making issues about you. Everything you’ve done through social media has recorded all the people that hate you will screenshot your status or latest update that can ruin your relationship. You allow what people want to see and if you’re going to save your relationship be wise and extra careful about how you handle your social media.

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