We are at our throats all of the time

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  • September 7, 2018
  • I thought that Peter and I was going to be a safe bet. We had met when I was working at London escorts and he had been one of my best regulars at elite London escorts service that I worked for in Belgravia. Lots of the girls at London escorts do get asked for personal dates, and some of them do go out on them, but I had always turned them down. That was until Peter came into my life, and I could not resist. Starting to date Peter would be the end of my London female companionship career. My boss at London escorts did not pick up on it, but I did become personally involved.

    It was something that I had promised myself not to do, but it happened so easily. Peter was a very charming man, and I soon realised that he could be the one man that I would not be able to resist. Before I knew it, he had asked me to move in with him, and following an emotional whim, that was exactly what I did. At the time, leaving London escorts was an easy decision. The first couple of months were okay, but then I started to feel a little bit trapped. I missed my own flat which I had rented out for a year, and I wanted something to do. Yes, working for London escorts had been a job, but at the same time, it had also been a social experience. I started to look around for a job, and despite Peter misgivings, I soon found one in a local store.

    It was only a part time morning job, but he seemed to hate the fact that I had a little bit of independence. Not long after that I started to worry about our relationship. We were okay when we were out on out in public, and it was a bit like being on a London escorts business date. I would dress up just like I did when I worked for London escorts and it felt the same. But people saw us as a couple, and I will admit that we are good at being a couple in public, but back home, things are very different. We are just constantly at each other throats and the relationship is not working.

    Peter still makes me feel like I work for a London escorts service. Only this time it is his personal escort service and he can call up and demand my company at any time. I don’t love him anymore and I think that he is not in love with me any longer. From what I hear from his friends, he has done this sort of thing before. He is a guy who is used to having a trophy girlfriend. That is something that I am not into at all, and in a couple of months time when my tenants move out, I am going to be taking my flat back. That will be the end of our relationship, and I do plan to keep all of the stuff he has given me. Who says that I am not entitled to trophies?

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